Projects at the Center of Toxicology

Core Research and Service

Project-No. Project Title
IPA-136-GerES5 (PDF, 61 kB) German Environmental Survey
IPA-135-UroFollow (PDF, 45 kB) The use of biomarkers in the surveillance of bladder cancer of low and intermediate risk
IPA-134-Substitution (PDF, 40 kB) New chemicals and substitution of chemicals at the workplace
IPA-115-Parkours (PDF, 38 kB) Exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons - intervention study
IPA-108-Particles Inhalation of Particles and Health Effects in Humans – Experimental Studies
IPA-104-WELDOX II Exposure to Manganese and neurotoxic effects – a multi-center study in welders
IPA-99-Biomonitoring (PDF, 47 kB) Biomonitoring of Exposure - Contract Exposure Assessment
IPA-98-PURE (PDF, 48 kB) Cancer Biomarker Research within the Protein Research Unit Ruhr in Europe (PURE)
IPA-74-Cellular Toxicology (PDF, 38 kB) Cell Biology and Combination Effects of Chemical Compounds
IPA-71-Diisocyanates Biomonitoring of Exposure to Diisocyanates
IPA-67-NAKO Use of the National Cohort (NaKo) for Occupational Medical Research
IPA-66-ExpoL Exposure Laboratory - Inhalation Studies in Humans
IPA-63-DermaTox (PDF, 39 kB) Dermal penetration of Chemical Compounds
IPA-53-Phthalates Biomonitoring of Exposure to Phthalates
IPA-50-WELDOX I (PDF, 47 kB) Welding Fumes, Metal Exposures and Oxidative Damage
IPA-23-GenTox (PDF, 39 kB) Genotoxicity of Chemicals
IPA-22-Biomonitoring Biomonitoring of Exposure – Method Development and Metabolism Research
IPA-21 Animal Facilities Animal Facilities – Maintenance and Experimental Studies
IPA-10-Risk Assessment Risk assessment and regulatory toxicology

For additional information on research please refer to publications and web pages of individual members of the Center of Toxicology (Staff).



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