Projects at the Center of Epidemiology

Core Research and Service

Project-No. Project Title
IPA-135-UroFollow (PDF, 942 kB) The use of biomarkers in the surveillance of bladder cancer
IPA-104-WELDOX II Exposure to manganese and neurotoxic effects – a multi-center study in welders
IPA-78-Epid-Risk Risk Assessment
IPA-77-Epid-General-Services General services, data management and collection
IPA-70-Shift-Work Health Effects of Shift Work
IPA-56-MoMar Molecular signatures of the combined action of carcinogens in lung cancer
IPA-52-SYNERGY Pooled analysis of case-control studies in European men on the interaction of lung carcinogens in the development of lung cancer
IPA-12-Tissue-Banking Development of a database for tissue banking at the IPA


Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Behrens
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Dr. rer. med. Dirk Taeger
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