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Allergology / Immunology

The Competence Centre Allergology / Immunology comprises the following sections:

  • Allergology
  • Immunology
  • Consultancy and diagnostics

The research is focused on the pathomechanisms of respiratory and skin diseases induced by workplace-related allergens and/or irritants including the identification of occupational sources of sensitization and irritation. The research includes examinations due to occupational allergies, caused by flours, enzymes, mites, fungi, molds, natural rubber latex, animal dander, isocyanates and wood dust. Furthermore the chemical-irriative effect of vapours and aerosols of hazardous substances on the airways are assessed by non-invasive methods and new biomarkers. Methods for allergen quantification and assessment of microbial components of anorganic dust are established.

The Competence Centre's findings are channelled into the standardization of methods for the diagnosis of allergic diseases and into the assessment of the clinical and diagnostic impact of non-invasive methods. Detection methods for exposition control at the workplace are developed for risk evaluation.