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The medicine center provides the following divisions:

  • Occupational Medical Research and Advice
  • Outpatient Clinic/Pneumology
  • Occupational Dermatology
  • Experimental Occupational Medicine

The center is focused on occupational lung and airway diseases as well as occupational skin diseases and cancer. An essential target of research is the further development of existing diagnostic procedures for prevention and compensation and the establishment of new procedures, in particular non-invasive diagnostic methods.

The occupational dermatology accomplishes examinations of occupational skin diseases. Here the knowledge of occupational dermatology and allergology is connected with analytical toxicological competence.

The endowed professorship 'Experimental Occupational Medicine' focuses health risks associated with occupational exposures to hazardous substances. Methods range from cell culture assays experimental human studies to experimental human studies in the exposure laboratory (ExpoLab).

Medical opinions concerning occupational and environmental diseases represent further activities, and also occupational preventive medical examinations are provided to companies.


Jürgen Bünger, Prof. Dr. med.
Phone: +49 (0)234 302-4556


Rolf Merget, Prof. Dr. med.

Phone: +49 (0)234 302-4546